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  • Time Management is Critical

    May 9, 2017
  • We all get the same amount of time. But some people can allocate their time as they please and be far more productive than the average person. Why is that? Time management. Time management is not as simple as managing your daily schedule. Time management above all, is about managing yourself effectively throughout your life for optimal personal or business results. It is about knowing where you are headed in life constantly and managing your time towards that path. It is about being strict, but at the same time flexible with your time to bring the results that matter in your personal or business life. Whenever you manage your time strategically and you structure it, you reduce stress, you become more assertive, regardless of the external situations that might be affecting your plans. You will start working smarter; instead of harder hence you will get more work done in less time and have more time for the things that matter to you. Most people fail to understand or disregard completely the importance of time management and this results, in many cases, in inefficiency, ineffectiveness, constant stress and mediocrity. Below are the most effective methods for Time Management:

    • You need to have clear goals
    • Tasks and projects that lead you to your goals
    • Develop skills to prioritize
    • Develop the habit to review your goals and tasks systematically
    • Add a calendar system in your life and use it regularly and methodically

    Through Time Management you:

    • Reduce stress significantly
    • Become efficient and effective
    • Become assertive whenever you face dilemmas/multilemmas
    • Can make more money in less time

    Time management is the big picture. Daily organization and to do lists are all meaningless and counterproductive if you don't have well-defined/structured goals or strong business strategy and compelling mission. With time management you plan decades ahead. Your time is your most valuable commodity. It is a finite resource. Have the desire and motivation to get it under your control.

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