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  • Personal Time Audit

    June 13, 2017
  • Once a year, you should be having a personal time audit and should be doing it at a stage you feel mostly unproductive. This will help you visualize the time wasters and why you are falling behind schedule.

    Here is a simple example of how you can track a typical morning:

    7.00am: Woke up

    7:15: Running

    7.45am: Shower/dress

    8:15am: Eat Breakfast

    9:00am: Reach Office

    9:05am: Preparing reports for presentation

    11:00am: Meeting

    1:00am: Lunch break

    You get the idea. You write down any task you start doing and as soon as you switch to different task you see the clock and write down the time. By following this process for four business days (it is always better to start this on a Monday), you will get the information to identify where you are wasting your time. You will identify the tasks in which you need to spend more time and tasks where you need to spend less time or outsource. After doing the audit your productivity level will be increased and it will be easy to identify where you are wasting your time. As you begin to identify how long each task will take, your estimates will become more accurate.

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