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  • FAQ

    • How you can really help our business?

      Every business has certain and many tasks that are needed to be done for a smooth flow of the operations. Your day to day workflow stress you out and you are thinking of hiring new employees that cost huge amount of money. We remove the dilemma and give you peace of mind by dealing with some of those tasks. While an in-house employee usually gives you 60% of productivity on the value of your money, you only pay us a small fraction of that money to be focused on the task at hand. You also have a peace of mind because you know the job will be done.

    • How do we pay?

      We offer our customers two options, depending on the service. Certain services are ongoing so we agree on a fee and is pre-paid monthly. You can also prepay hours and you can use those hours anytime within a 1-month period towards the mentioned services.

    • What are the services for the hourly plans?

      We offer the below services for the hourly charging:

      VA Support (Data Entry, Data Mining, Online Research, Transcription)

      Travel and Accomodation Booking(Travel Booking, Hotel Booking, Management of Travel/Accomodation Points)

      Document Translations

    • What if I need some other service that is not included here?

      We usually do not work on services that are not included in our page. But you can contact us and if we can do it, we will.

    • Can you give me an example of how this works?

      If you decide to get services that are under the hourly charging and you get the basic plan(10 hours), you can use for example the 1 or 2 hours on document translations and the rest on online research. It is up to you, the needs of your business and how time consuming the tasks are. We won't drag the tasks on purpose. We are time efficient and we are very reasonable on the time it take us to finish a task.

    • What about the other services that you offer?

      Other services are more complex and cannot be charged by the hour. Instead we offer those services under a pre-agreement. Depending on your business needs and the frequency of working on such tasks, we will give you a certain quote. Simply contact us to arrange a meeting and we will discuss together how we can help your business thrive.